Continuing its effort to engage America’s largest corporations to create positive and lasting change that protects everyone’s free speech and religious freedom from corporate overreach, Viewpoint Diversity Score invited 85 companies on the Fortune 1000 list to participate in the survey portion of the 2024 Business Index.

The corporations—including new invitees like Salesforce, Zoom, Berkshire Hathaway, and Edward Jones—have until Jan. 12 to respond to the survey. The Business Index focused on industries that have the greatest potential to impact individuals’ or institutions’ freedom of speech or religion. These include industries that provide essential banking, payment processing, and cloud services, or that serve as platforms for third-party speech.

In 2023, eight companies increased their scores compared to 2022. That includes large jumps by Fidelity Information Services (50% vs. 18%) and M&T Bank (25% vs. 14%), which both improved their scores largely by participating in the survey portion of the Business Index.

Companies can make good on their stated commitment to transparency by answering questions on the survey, assuring employees, customers, and shareholders that they value and protect bedrock liberties of speech and religion.

Here are 85 of the companies that received the survey: