Imagine if your bank closed your account or declined to process a transaction because it objected to who you voted forwhere you worship, or even your supposed “carbon footprint”.

Sound farfetched? Think again.

JP Morgan Chase is denying service to fossil fuel companies and firearms manufacturers simply because those entities don’t align with the bank’s far-left politics. But Chase’s debanking isn’t just targeted at oil and guns. They’re threatening our free speech and religious liberty!

Recently, Chase closed the account of a religious liberty-focused nonprofit group headed by former U.S. Ambassador Sam Brownback, without explanation.

Chase then demanded that the nonprofit disclose its top donors, a list of candidates it planned to donate to, and provide a list of the criteria used to select those candidates, as a condition of resuming service.

We don’t have to take this silently. That’s why our friends at the National Center for Public Policy Research are spearheading a Chase shareholder and customer campaign to call on Chase leadership to stop politicized de-banking. The campaign also calls upon Chase to participate in the survey portion of the Viewpoint Diversity Score 2023 Business Index.

This is a vital step meant to safeguard customers and shareholders alike from unjust discrimination at the hands of powerful financial institutions.

Make your voice heard today. Click here to join the campaign!