Entrepreneur and business leader Peter Rex is joining the 11-member advisory council for Viewpoint Diversity Score, lending his expertise to the ongoing effort to restore respect for core American freedoms to the nation’s publicly traded corporations.

Rex is the Founder and CEO of Rex, a tech, investment, and real estate business headquartered in Austin, Texas. Rex currently has 10 technology companies serving owners and operators of real estate, all focused on solving the largest, most lucrative problems in the real estate industry.

In 2020, Rex penned an influential article at the Wall Street Journal calling attention to the stifling conditions in Silicon Valley and Seattle, where partisan politics are driving away employees and companies who differ with corporate leadership on cultural hot-button issues.

In his article, I’m Leaving Seattle for Texas So My Employees Can Be Free, Rex emphasized the negative impact of ideological conformity on the quality of life for employees, arguing that, “if our people find it hard to flourish in every aspect of their lives, then the company will struggle in the long run.”

Rex joins a robust advisory council made up of business leaders, investment strategists, and academics who are calling on companies to respect viewpoint diversity in how they do business, manage their workforces, and engage external stakeholders.

You can read more about the advisory council here.