Workplace Resource: Viewpoint Diversity Policy


To foster a workplace culture where freedom of thought is welcomed, and all people are valued and respected, regardless of their religious or ideological views.


Model Policy Language:

1. Valuing religious and/or ideological diversity:

[Insert Name] seeks to create a diverse work environment where all employees are valued. Accordingly, [Insert Name] encourages and respects viewpoint diversity. We respect each employee's personal religious, moral, and political beliefs and do not require employees to affirm or accept any religious, moral, or political beliefs.

2. Encouraging mutual understanding and respect:

[Insert Name] is committed to actively fostering a workplace culture that values civil disagreement and encourages mutual understanding and respect across ideological and religious differences. We understand and respect that our employees likely hold a wide variety of political, religious, and social perspectives.

3. Recognizing the business value of viewpoint diversity:

[Insert Name] believes that respecting different beliefs and perspectives leads to greater creativity, innovation, and engagement that contributes to a healthy workplace culture and a stronger, more competitive company.



Companies should periodically review all applicable workplace policies and practices to ensure consistency with this commitment. Reviews should:

  1. Be comprehensive – consider both formal policies, as well as any training programs or resources used in the workplace.

  2. Seek internal feedback from employees with diverse religious and ideological beliefs to identify any specific policies or practices that create barriers to respecting viewpoint diversity in the workplace.


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