Market Resource: Third-Party Workforce Freedom Policy


To ensure that the company respects the autonomy of third-party vendors, suppliers, and contractors to make decisions about their internal employment policies and practices.


  1. [Insert Name] respects the freedom of
    1. vendors,
    2. suppliers, and
    3. contractors
  2. to make determinations about their own hiring and employment policies and practices consistent with
    1. their mission,
    2. their values, and
    3. applicable laws. 



These model provisions do not bar companies from adopting policies that require third parties to follow applicable human rights or employment laws within relevant jurisdictions. Such policies, however, should refrain from mandating workforce policies or practices that are not strictly required by law. These policies also do not bar extra-legal requirements to protect against workplace human rights abuses in non-U.S. jurisdictions, where fundamental rights are not sufficiently protected by law, and are credibly at risk. (E.g., nations that sanction slave labor or inhumane working conditions).


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