Alliance Defending Freedom’s Jeremy Tedesco appeared on EWTN News Nightly to discuss the launch of Viewpoint Diversity Score’s  2023 Business Index.

Tedesco highlights that eight companies saw their scores increase year over year, with Fidelity Information Services increasing its score by 32 points. Transparency, Tedesco says, played a large role in the improvement.

“The key to these companies increasing their scores in the Index, at least in the initial stages, is to fill out the survey we send to each one of these companies each year… and just disclose information about their policies and practices that impact free speech and religious freedom,” Tedesco said. “The two companies that got the highest scores this year received those high scores because they were transparent.”

Although encouraged by the improvement, Tedesco says there’s still much work to be done in Corporate America:

“The biggest problem in these corporations is that they have vague policies that give them unbounded discretion to de-bank or de-platform people or cancel their services … and the worst part about it is they can do it without having to own it, because the polices are so vague and so broad that they never have to admit that it was a viewpoint-based reason.”

The goal of Viewpoint Diversity Score’s initiative, as Tedesco tells viewers, is to show companies where they’re falling short and provide them with the resources they need to do better.

“In the end what we want is a business culture that’s respectful of free speech and religious freedom.”

Watch the entire interview here.