It’s no secret that Corporate America is in the censorious grip of ESG activists.

Far-left groups like the Human Rights Campaign require companies to take deeply partisan stances on or against legislation and to provide targeted marketing and support for LGBTQ+ consumers. To put it simply, HRC is demanding that each company risk becoming the next Bud Light, which famously torpedoed its own brand by partnering with the highly controversial transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Companies shouldn’t take fringe stances on contentious political issues. It alienates customers, pushes away talented workers, and betrays the trust of the shareholders who want the company to succeed.

That’s why Alliance Defending Freedom developed the Viewpoint Diversity Score Business Index. The first comprehensive benchmark designed to measure corporate respect for free speech and religious freedom, the index provides a roadmap for corporations looking to de-politicize their products and services.

Working with a broad coalition of financial professionals, business leaders, shareholders, and state officials over the past couple of years, we’re already seeing some important victories from our efforts.