Writing at The Federalist on Thursday, senior vice president of corporate engagement for Alliance Defending Freedom Jeremy Tedesco proposed a blueprint for Elon Musk to follow in restoring a culture of free speech to Twitter.

"As a private company, Twitter is not legally obligated to follow the Constitution as a government actor would be," Tedesco wrote. "Nevertheless, the First Amendment’s legal protections are valuable guidelines for how private actors can help create a culture of free speech."

Tedesco went on to propose, and then expound upon, two solutions in keeping with key First Amendment principles.

"Here are two actions he can take that will directly improve the prospects for free and open debate and dialogue on the platform: One, eliminate private “speech codes” — policies that contain vague and imprecise terms that threaten free speech. Two, adopt a robust anti-censorship policy."

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You can also read The Federalist piece in full here.