These days, it isn’t difficult to find a critic of so-called “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” employee training programs, which are too often rife with fundamentally divisive concepts like Critical Race Theory. What is in short supply, however, are solid alternatives.

That’s what makes resources like Dr. Carol Swain’s Real Unity Training Solutions so valuable. As Alliance Defending Freedom Director of Strategic Campaigns and Initiatives Jay Hobbs writes at The Federalist, the long-time academic’s latest project is designed as a positive antidote to a corrosive approach that has made its way into virtually every institution in American life.

“The current diversity training makes people feel miserable. Everyone’s miserable at the end of the training. No one’s better off,” Swain says. “Instead, we can actually present people with a historical background of discrimination and the law, and then present them with positive principles and training that bring people together and educate them.”

Crafted for use in corporations, as well as churches and other groups, Swain’s material was recently adopted by the Tennessee Board of Education, marking a major step forward for the upstart venture.

Along with focusing on what unites co-workers and fellow members of organizations rather than what divides them, Swain’s framework educates leaders on their legal duties under constitutional and civil rights laws.

As Hobbs points out, that approach is long overdue in Corporate America:

Far from the outlier in the DEI field, that incident fits within a much larger trend of companies trafficking in divisive concepts in their workforces. At least 78 percent of the 50 Fortune 1000 companies evaluated on the Viewpoint Diversity Score 2022 Business Index utilize employee training that undermines trust, respect, and openness in the workplace. One of those companies, Bank of America, has launched a reeducation program, telling employees they needed to be “woke” and white employees to “decolonize your mind.”

On its website, Bank of America declares that, “Now more than ever, we need to be comfortable with uncomfortable conversations and deepen our understanding through self-education of people’s differences.” These “uncomfortable” discussions include telling all white employees that their lives are based on “white-skin privileges.”

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You can also access Dr. Swain’s training materials here.